Established in 1971, Evans-Hamilton, Inc (EHI) has a wealth of experience to draw upon in identifying the right solutions to meet client requirements. The highly qualified interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and field technicians includes personnel with many years of specialized knowledge in oceanography as well as employees recruited from engineering, mechanical and marine disciplines. The resulting knowledge and skill base makes the EHI team well able to undertake a diversity of projects and to create innovate solutions to technically challenging tasks.

Today, EHI remains a privately owned and operated business. As such, we are able to respond quickly to new opportunities however large or small. Our close-working team members are always in-touch with current projects, and all our technical personnel from the president to the field technicians have first-hand knowledge of technical applications. All EHI project managers have recent field experience and a keen understanding of the challenges presented by marine environments.

In the US
In addition to our own staff, EHI has well-established relationships with highly qualified individuals and companies throughout the continental U.S, Alaska and Hawaii. These professional affiliations have been built-up over more than 30 years and serve to increase our personnel capabilities, provide rapid response and ongoing local support, and strengthen our knowledge about local marine and weather patterns. EHI has extensive experience in project-managing personnel from multiple organizations and in contributing to teams project-managed by others. Some examples are included in our projects page.
Over the years, EHI has expanded its international reach and today we conduct many projects overseas. The knowledge and experience our personnel have gained though these global projects makes us well placed to work in all kinds of environments, from tropical to arctic. Our project managers have a good understanding of the variations and unique challenges of working overseas and are highly competent at making decisions based on local conditions. Please see our projects page for some examples of recent overseas projects.
Relationship With Suppliers
EHI has worked closely with manufacturers of meteorological and oceanographic equipment, including Teledyne RDI, Sontek, Seabird, Campbell Scientific Vaisala, RM Young, Sequoia, Codar, Datawell and Axys, and has been involved in the development, deployment and operation of numerous instruments developed by these companies. Consequently, we have an abundance of corporate knowledge about the instruments we use everyday, which is invaluable in being able to operate, maintain and troubleshoot systems effectively.