Evans-Hamilton, Inc. (EHI) provides support services to the worldwide oil and gas industry from itís location in Houston, Texas. We have over 30 years experience of operations in the Gulf of Mexico and a rťsumť of successful projects in Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Our interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and technicians specialize in the collection, processing and analysis of oceanographic and meteorological data.

MMS NTL (NTL 2005-G02) for Offshore Current Measurements Compliant
All of EHIís data acquisition software for collecting currents data is fully compliant with the MMSís Notice to Leasees #2005-G02 requiring offshore drilling and production vessels to collect real-time current profiles. When provided with a reliable internet connection, EHIís software automatically transmits data to the National Data Buoy Center for archiving as required by the NTL.

Real-Time Rig and Platform Metocean Measurement Systems
EHI offers a comprehensive line of customizable, real-time measurement systems that provide the client with a clear picture of the present environmental conditions. These systems can be customized to measure a number of meteorological (wind, air temperature, relative humidity, etc.) and oceanographic parameters (currents, waves, water temperature, salinity, etc.).

Real-Time Current Profiling Solutions
EHI provides full ocean depth, real-time current profiling capabilities using a combination of hard wired surface deployed current profilers and acoustic modem linked, seabed deployed current profilers. These instruments transmit data to a PC on site, where the data may be viewed locally or via a web interface over a client provided internet or LAN connection.

Deep-water moorings
EHI has the capability to supply deep water moorings measuring a full range of oceanographic properties. This service includes design, construction, deployment, servicing, recovery, and reporting of moorings deployed in a wide range of environments, from 100 meters to more than 3000 meters of water depth.

Current and wave studies
EHIís staff includes experts in the field of oceanographic data collection and analysis. These skills are synthesized to provide full data sets and comprehensive reports in both the coastal and marine environment.

Desk-top studies
EHI draws from its diverse collection of resources to provide our clients with top quality desktop studies; compiling many data sources into a concise, informative package containing information about a full range of oceanographic and meteorological parameters.